Mind Brain Insight, LLC is a small consulting company working in applied neuroscience.

Our short term goal is to enhance specific BCI (brain computer interface) projects; such as motor neuroprosthetics and other mind-controlled devices.

Our long term goal is to revolutionize applied neuroscience: from CNS medicine — biomarkers, therapeutic target ID, and clinical treatment — to AGI, NLP, cognitive computing, and bio-inspired robotics.

MBI is based on a new cognitive neuroscience paradigm — a new way to connect the mind to the brain. It’s called the MA (Memory Activation) Method. The method defines mental processes and the mind (recognition, meaning, thought, imagination, executive control, goals, intention…) as active memory sets; lists, connects and weighs these; and maps them to the brain’s functional neural networks, and brain signal.

Once you define the mind accurately, you can map it to the brain, accurately.

The MA Method allows one to move beyond task-based mapping, to mind-based mapping. The latter is significantly more accurate, and useful, than the former. Simple experiments can prove this.

The MA Method can turbo-charge most (legitimate) BCI-related projects. This includes device design, testing, learning, user satisfaction, and everyday use. For a demonstration, see the Mind Mapping Challenge.

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