Hello, I’m an independent researcher who’s developed a new cognitive neuroscience framework called the MA (Memory Activation) Framework. It’s a new way to understand, and define, the mind, and map it to the brain. The framework has many practical uses in applied neuroscience: from CNS medicine — biomarker and therapeutic target development, placebo effect, etc. — to AGI, bio-inspired robotics, natural language processing, and BCI technology and neuroprosthetics.

The blog has two themes. One is to explain the MA Framework. How can the mind/brain system be seen as one that runs (mostly) on memory? Because it’s new, and took 13 years to develop, it may seem foreign or strange. Yet I’m hopeful that as I explain it, piece by piece, its truth will shine through.

The second theme is the many brain myths which have arisen over the past few decades. Underlying almost every neuroscience paper or article is one or more myths. Shining light on these myths over time paves the way for a new and more accurate view of mind, and brain, to emerge.

To be clear, the myths are no one’s fault. Most brain scientists are smart, hardworking people doing excellent work. But misguided ideas will inevitably arise from a field of study (brain science) which lacks a solid theoretical basis (what is the mind, and how does it connect to the brain).

How the mind works inside the brain is not only an important topic, but a fascinating one! Enjoy!